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Randa Darwood-HBCU Graduate-The Virgina State University

Courtesy Photo-Randa Darwood

I am a proud alumna of The Virginia State University, a university that has been building a better world since 1882. HBCU’s like VSU are still very relevant and very important. HBCU’s have acted as a safe space for Black students to grow, learn and express themselves. As one of VSU’s founders Alfred W. Harris stated, “I want a place where all may go and drink from the fountain of knowledge”. I chose VSU as my home because that’s exactly how I felt when I first stepped on campus, I felt at home. Attending a HBCU is like being around family at all times. From your Aunty Z who taught sociology, or Uncle Rainey in student services, big brother Bratcher in admissions, and cannot forget about the many cousins I gained along the way. The best part about attending a HBCU, is that the family atmosphere doesn’t stop once you graduate. The alumni network is phenomenal because we have VSU Trojans across the world that are still willing to help you with whatever you need.

My time at VSU was one of the best times of my life. Being on the yard or at football game at a HBCU is something you cannot experience anywhere else. I definitely had fun at VSU, but I also made sure my academics came first. I received my Bachelors of Arts in political science in May of 2015. There’s something comforting in having professors that look like you that help motivate you to achieve higher. Thanks to VSU I had opportunities of a life time, ranging from meeting President and 1st lady Obama, interviewing entertainers and being able to connect with people from the community. VSU helped mold me to be the woman I am, and to get me where I am today which is in law school to fulfil my dream of being an attorney. I am so honored to be a product of a HBCU. My heart bleeds true to the orange and blue, Hail State!

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