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3 Tips for Taking Care of Your Wheelchair

3 Tips for Taking Care of Your Wheelchair

Wheelchairs aim to take care of patients, but that care should go both ways. A wheelchair can run into problems over its lifespan if you don’t properly maintain it. Of course, not all wheelchair users understand proper care tips on day one. We’re here to help you learn, so read the list below if you need easy tips for taking care of your wheelchair.

Buy Quality Materials

A key step to taking care of a wheelchair starts during the shopping experience. When looking at the technical specs for any chair, look at what it’s made from to determine reliability. For example, an essential detail to consider when comparing carbon fiber and titanium folding wheelchairs is that both are reliable, durable materials. However, not all wheelchairs are equal, so make sure you invest in quality materials that will last a long time. Once you have the right materials, you can start looking at the actions you should take to keep those materials in good condition.

Prioritize Repairs & Cleanup

If you notice reduced performance or obvious damage to a wheelchair component, don’t overlook it. Either complete a repair yourself or reach out to a professional who can get it done. This prevents a broken component from getting so bad that it malfunctions while you’re operating the wheelchair.

From the wheels to the locks, everything should be in great condition to ensure safe travel for a long time. Therefore, consistent cleaning is also a key step. Of course, sanitizing the chair after going out is important, but keep an eye out for any stains, dust, and other grime you can wipe away. That way, you can retain the wheelchair’s cleanliness and style.

Monitor Your Tires

Conducting tire inspections is among the most important tips for taking care of your wheelchair. At the end of every week, give your tires a quick but careful inspection. The tires aren’t massive, so there isn’t too much to look for, but you should keep an eye on small details. Are the tires inflated, or do they have holes on the surface? Are your casters properly inflated? If you don’t have pneumatic casters, is your solid set too loose or otherwise damaged?

Keeping an eye on your tires will help you maintain a setup that is easy to use wherever you go. If you don’t keep an eye on those wheels and they get damaged over time, it can result in reduced wheelchair performance. Whether you have a manual wheelchair or an electric one, monitor tires on a weekly basis.

Remember these tips to enjoy a long-lasting wheelchair instead of a short-lived one. With quality materials, regular maintenance, and detailed tire care, your wheelchair experience should go smoothly.

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