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5 kid-friendly YouTube programs that will educate your child on Kwanzaa

Kwanzaa is a holiday celebrated between December 26 and January 1. It is holiday created to honor African American culture, uplifting community and togetherness.

First created as a holiday in 1966 by Dr. Maulana Karenga, professor and chairman of Africana Studies at California State University, it's always been centralized on seven core values, including Umoja (unity), Ujima (collective work and responsibility), and Nia (purpose).

As we approach the holidays, this is an incredible time to introduce and expose our children to the deeper meaning and purpose of Kwanzaa. It is empowering to celebrate and be thankful for our Black experience and our commitment to liberation and together in our communities. This is a wonderful opportunity for all children of all backgrounds and ethnicities to come together and understand more about African American culture.

To make educating your child on Kwanzaa simple, here are 5 kid-friendly YouTube channels about Kwanzaa:

Little Crowns TV

This UK-based award-winning, educational program provides inclusive and diverse content, enriching young minds. Marketed from 0-7 years old, the Kwanzaa episode features a young girl telling all about the holiday and why she enjoys it.

Kujo’s Kid Zone

This channel has a main host, Kujo who explains topics to children with fun animations that keep their attention well. In the Kwanzaa episode, Kujo dissects the different parts od the holí day with word definitions, 7 principles, ways for celebrating, and even has some other kid guests stop by. This episode would be great for young school-aged children.

Fresberg Cartoon

This channel is cartoon based. It is geared toward Black History, with videos of stories and facts discussing celebrities and African America thought leaders. The Fresberg Cartoon Kwanzaa video follows a boy named Frankie, as he explains to a friend what Kwanzaa is and why he celebrates it.

Mr. Pete’s Playhouse

Mr. Pete’s Kwanzaa songs are interactive and fun to help your child remember the history and meaning of the holiday. There is information and a suggested book to read.

Seed of Melanin Kids!

This is a great channel to tune into all year around with African American educational bits. There are a few programs about the tradition of Kwanzaa. There is also a featured book read-along.


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