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A Look In The Mirror - Harriet Tubman (c. 1820 - 1913) Conductor of the Underground Railroad

Harriet Tubman was an American abolitionist and an excellent spy for the Union Army in the Civil War. She grew up in Maryland during the early 1820s, where she was often beaten and abused by her owners. Tubman escaped to freedom in 1849, but she would return to the state several times to help other slaves escape.

Throughout the Civil War, Tubman was a nurse, cook, and a laundress for the Union army. She also served as a spy and scout for the Union. In the war, she led an expeditionary team that was responsible for a raid that freed hundreds of slaves in South Carolina.

Following the war, Tubman continued fighting for the rights of African-Americans and women. She also established a home for the poor and elderly in New York.

The legacy of Harriet Tubman continues to inspire people in America. She risked her life to help those who were enslaved, and she fought against the injustices that were faced by African-Americans. Tubman's courage and determination are a testimony to the strength of the human spirit, and her image will be on the new $20 bill.


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