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An artistic power partnership celebrates their third and final show, Inktober

Ms. Mila Lynn said, "After 3 years of creating nonstop for 31 days straight, Torrey Gray and myself have finally decided to move on to other endeavors. This project has not only been an amazing opportunity to grow, but allowed us to connect with creatives all over the world in a very unique way. With that being said we will be hosting our 3rd and FINAL Show to once again bring together our community for a night of art, music, love, and growth. So this is your invitation to come join us!"

Along with many captivating pieces of art, there will be:

  • A Silent Art Auction of the remaining Inktober pieces.

  • LIVE Musical performances from Torrey Gray and others.

  • Food Tasting with Veg Head, the new plant-based eatery in Lansing.

It will be a night of community, celebration and art. If you are interested in purchasing your ticket, visit here.


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