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The Sunday Chronicle Spotlight Ashlee R. Willis Founder, CEO & Philanthropist

Updated: May 12, 2023

Courtesy Photo-Ashlee R. Willis is the Founder and CEO of Michigan Premier Events

Ashlee R. Willis is the Founder and CEO of Michigan Premier Events, an association, corporate and Government event management company which covers Lansing, Grand Rapids, and Detroit Michigan. Willis partners with associations & corporations by developing programs and events locally, statewide and nationally to enhance both their members, clients and the Mid-Michigan business community.

Willis embraces innovative and unconventional techniques through concept developments, logistics and strategy and for events and programming department. She is also involved with Urban development creating programs and event to help create walkability in downtowns and community. Willis is an active community leader and philanthropist who strives to make the community better. Willis has more than ten years of experience overseeing corporate events, programs, and meetings throughout Michigan. She is the co-founder of 'Lansing Lift Up Local and has organized sizable community events around Michigan, including events for celebrities.

Willis sits on several boards and committees. She was a part of the Merging governance committee for South Central United Way helping the merging planning process for Capital Area, Battle Creek & Jackson United Way. Willis has also assisted the Lansing Regional Chamber of Commerce develop the foundation of their diversity, equity and inclusion. Willis was also the first person of color to serve as Board President for Downtown Lansing Inc. Willis is a certified tour ambassador for Lansing, MI, has earned several awards including Downtown Lansing Hero Award, Entrepreneur on the move award and Ten Over the Next Ten Alumni Award Recipient. Willis also has been featured on several radio stations, commercials and publications including front cover of Capital Area Women’s Life Style Magazine. Willis is a Lansing native and well-known active leader in the community who is dedicated to the growth, collaboration and success of the region.

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