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Back in Order: Easy Ways To Organize Messy Rooms

Back in Order: Easy Ways To Organize Messy Rooms

Do you ever walk into your room and think, “Wow. How did it get so messy in here?” Well, you’re not alone. Everyone experiences clutter, but it’s important to get things back in order. Read on for easy ways to organize messy rooms.

Reasons Behind the Mess

Having a messy room could be the result of many different factors. Whether it’s a poor mental state or a busy schedule, an unorganized area can reflect your life.

In some cases, messiness tells a lot about your organization style. For instance, the “butterfly” is one of the four organization styles that’s ideal for visual people. Individuals with this style surround themselves with their possessions because they fear forgetting things.

However, living in clutter isn’t the best solution. There are ways to contain messiness and restore rooms!

Remove Trash First

Before organizing a messy room, ensure you work in a clean environment. Therefore, remove trash first! Grab a garbage bag and get rid of wrappers, containers, paper scraps, or soiled items. Once you remove the obvious trash, it’s easier to sort through the rest.

Categorize Items

An easy way to organize a messy room is to categorize items. Determine what you want to keep, donate, and put in storage. Once you set aside items for donation and storage, you can work on the things that stay inside the room. With less stuff cluttering the room, it becomes easier to finish cleaning and organizing.

Remember to take donated items to Goodwill, Salvation Army, or any other charitable foundation. Many people leave donation bags in random spots or forget about them inside their cars. Instead, be proactive about making sure your donations actually become donations.

Select Your Organization Method

For rooms, evaluate your storage choices. Then, decide the best organization method. Drawers, hanger compartments, under-bed storage, and closets are all great options. Perhaps you decide to stack boxes in the closet and use filing drawers for important documents and items. Whatever system you choose, just ensure it’s effective for you.

Don’t Do Too Much at Once

When you have the intention of organizing a messy room, you may go all out and reserve the whole day for organizing items. However, that’s an easy way to get overwhelmed and burn out. While some decluttering tasks are quick projects, others are longer.

Take things one step at a time, and create an organization plan. Maybe you remove trash one day and then categorize items the following day. Simply put, do things one step at a time.

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