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Best of the Best: How To Stand Out as a Nail Technician

Best of the Best: How To Stand Out as a Nail Technician

The beauty industry is massive, with tons of professionals. However, you can only become the best of the best by committing to good behavior and practices. Learn how to stand out as a nail technician and set yourself apart from the competition.

Be Professional

Professionalism is critical for all service-based industries. That said, always be professional with clients. Whether you’re a mobile tech or work in a salon, follow good practices. For example, sanitizing tools between appointments, wearing the right attire, and using appropriate language are all essential practices. Regardless of whether you’re servicing a new or regular client, give people a professional experience.

Value and Care for Clients

Valuing your clients is just as important as servicing them. Beyond the manicure itself, prioritize nail health. For starters, you can keep your clients’ cuticles healthy by moisturizing their cuticles with lotion and being gentle with their hands. Bad cuticles are susceptible to infections, and you don’t want to create any problems!

Furthermore, consider offering discounts and special offers to loyal customers. Money-off services or free add-ons are great ways to show appreciation.

Master Specific Nail Styles

Stand out as a nail technician by mastering specific nail styles. Of course, knowing basic manicure techniques is essential for all professionals. However, finding your niche will help you become the best of the best for trendy styles. Perhaps you’re an acrylics pro, or maybe you create unique designs. Regardless of your preference, focus on perfecting your craft.

Mastering skills enhances your quality of work and attracts new clients. Imagine someone traveling to book an appointment with “the best nail tech” in town! You’ll become an in-demand professional with a loyal clientele.

Stay Active in the Industry

Networking is critical for your career if you’re a beginner nail tech. Don’t wait for clients to come to you. Go to your clients! Attend trade shows, beauty competitions, bridal expos, and other networking events. Use the events to market your services. People enjoy familiar faces, and frequently attending gatherings makes you a familiar face.

Never Stop Learning

One mistake that experienced nail techs make is failing to keep learning. New products, nail trends, and technology influence the beauty world. If you don’t keep up with innovations, people will hire other nail techs who know new skills. To keep your business afloat, never stop learning. Attend classes, beauty seminars, and other professional events. The goal is to increase knowledge and improve skills.

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