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Black History and the Black Woman

Black History Collage-The Chronicle News Archive Photo

The most confusing thing about today's black community outside of the fact that it is imploded due to a false narrative of female independence, make ignorance, and total fear of generational success is the constant and repeated depreciation of its history. From the struggle of oppression to the victory of freedom, there is undeniable evidence that the written narrative of equality has always been nothing short of mythology. Our ancestors were vibrant. Despite being transplanted, they were landowners. The intellectual and critical thinkers question why they have failed despite making tremendous progress.

With each generation, since the Civil Rights Act was created, debated, and ultimately signed into law, those that would benefit from such a law have not only taken it for granted but ignored it's the significance of the Act while simultaneously complaining about the fictional lack of freedoms they do not have. The discovery of the subconscious subliminal failures' is addressed openly if chronological methodologies are followed through social science.

After Jim Crow ended, there was a moment within both Black and Brown communities and awareness of self and ambition. While many worked hard to get out of poverty, attain entrepreneurial success, and attended colleges and universities. Those that fell prey to the gaslighting of quick cash, sex, and power began to infiltrate the communities and create the narrative of struggles and racism remnant of Jim Crow instead of rising above it.

The era of "Hip Hop" brought messages of inner-city struggles, gang violence, and hyper-sexuality to mainstream America. With this exposure, a once-thriving community began to regress without impunity while accepting narratives of failure, hustling, social materialism, and single motherhood as the normality. Creating identities of Asiatic descendants and being Kings and Queens that were of Egyptian background. The implantation of an oppressive Government and Corporate structure was complete. They say if you separate the male from the female in any culture, the inevitable defeat of the people prevails.

As the new millennium approached, the great recession created even more division among the black and brown communities. Overzealous banks, corporations, and retail outlets began to take advantage of minority communities and their need to enter the age of "Bling." Subprime loans were made affordable to the minority community like candy. Women were subconsciously programmed to be "independent," and the auto industry, once the leading employers of many middle and upper-middle-class black and brown families, began to crumble due to corporate greed and overproduction and failed buyouts of early retirement as the country entered yet another war due to attacks on New York from terrorists and the mismanagement of Hurricane Katrina. A Senator from Chicago began to gain public notoriety for speaking out on the Congress and Administration's failures. This Senator would go on to become the country's 44th and first Black President.

Barrack Obama brought with him the worst things in American history that people feared and hated! He destroyed the narrative of the black man, fatherhood, and failed educational ambitions, which angered Conservatives and right-wing extremists. Destroying decades of subliminal suggestions that no black man could ever be President and successfully run a country that oppressed, murdered, and incarcerated those that looked like him. Second, while he inspired many women with his wife and children's love, this reality simultaneously drives an even deeper divide into a community struggling with its own identity and failures in its social caste systems. Yes, they admired him while simultaneously hating him as they looked to him for payment and reparations and political superiority and retribution for entries of pain, suffering, and injustices upon the people he represented. Many began to dislike and even despise him, believing in the white supremacist narrative floated on social media. Without realizing it, the GOP had a stronger hold on the black and brown communities' liberties than they knew! The Great Black Hope was beginning to end by the Great Black Failure because the people were desperately seeking retribution from those who formerly enslaved them. The lack of congressional support and misunderstanding of the political process angered the black and brown communities, which lead to a political protest voting and ultimately put Donald John Trump in the White House as the 45th President.

All this has happened before, and it is happening again.

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The Black Woman is feared throughout U. S. history. She is more fearsome than any weapon ever created! Her strength, intelligence, ambition, will, mind, body, and soul is without equal! However, it has been broken by decades of brainwashing and oppression. She has been used, abused, and abandoned by those that have forgotten her worthiness thanks to the careful implementation of a master plan that used the one weakness she has against her--her beauty! Black women are highly desired, starting with being captured off the first slave ship! Her curves, her full lips, her sensuality, and her sexual endurance all objects of desires unreacted and unmatched. Even more, hated and feared was her wisdom and instinct! A creation not deserved by her people! She was raped, used to breed slaves, beaten, and ultimately, she was taught that she was with no more than an extension of the sexual prowess of men! The media portrayed her as subservient, hypersexual, greedy, arrogant, selfish, spiteful, and vengeful. The worst thing is she began to believe this about herself in many cases as she is out of touch with herself due to the abuses of men brainwashed to think not only are they nothing more than pawns in a chess game. But forget the rules of the game require the protection of the woman/Queen. All fear her as those in power have historically been unable to control her throughout history! From Tiye to Cleopatra from Harriet Tubman to Ida B. Wells, they could not silence her voice! From Coretta Scott King to Betty Shabazz to Michelle Obama, her strength is feared. She specializes in the Holy Impossible! Unfortunately, she has forgotten thus through no fault of her own!

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