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Black Woman Entrepreneur Launches US Book Tour and Starts Publishing Company to Promote Diverse Authors

Updated: Mar 6

Photo Credit: Tay Ford-Heart of the City Photography-Yanice Jackson, Chronicle News Publisher, Host of the Sunday Chronicle Radio Show, and Author launches US Book Tour and Publishing Company during Womans History Month 2024


In light of the growing trend of self-publishing, which is dramatically changing the landscape of the publishing industry, Author Yanice Jackson is embarking on a US book tour... and has also established her own new publishing company. The tour, which will cover ten cities across the country, aims to promote her new book and connect with readers from various communities.


Yanice Jackson, an accomplished writer, and the current Publisher of the Chronicle News stated, 'I have always had a passion for writing and helping aspiring authors achieve their dreams.'

With the launch of her new publishing company, Chronicle Publishing Co., she aims to provide high-quality and affordable resources to writers of all genres, including non-fiction, fiction, creative writing with illustration, children's books, and self-help books.

To kick off this exciting endeavor, Jackson will be hosting an official book signing and meet and greet event at the Socialight Society (a one-of-a-kind black-woman-owned bookshop) in Lansing, Michigan. The Book signing/Meet & Greet takes place on Thursday, March 14th from 5-7 PM.

This event will not only allow readers to meet the author in person but also a chance to purchase limited copies of her new book. Attendees can expect an engaging and friendly atmosphere, as Yanice is known for her warm and approachable tone of voice.

The US book tour will cover the following cities: - Lansing, Michigan – Grand Rapids Michigan, -Detroit, Michigan - Chicago, Illinois - Indianapolis, Indiana- Atlanta, Georgia - Dallas, Texas - Washington D.C. and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and New York, New York.

With each stop, Yanice aims to connect with industry players, the general public, and local communities, sharing her journey as an author and the valuable insights she has gained along the way. Through her book tour, she hopes to inspire and empower aspiring writers to overcome barriers and obstacles in their writing journeys.

For more information about Yanice Jackson's book tour and her new publishing company, please visit her website at You can also reach out to her via email at or visit the Chronicle News website at

Join Yanice Jackson on her US book tour as she embarks on this exciting adventure, promoting her new book and sharing her passion for writing with readers across the country. Don't miss the opportunity to meet the author in person and discover the valuable resources offered by Chronicle Publishing Co. Mark your calendars for the official book signing and meet and greet event in Lansing, Michigan, and stay tuned for further updates on tour dates and locations. Get ready for an unforgettable literary experience!


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