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Bob Peña for Ingham County Commissioner District 10

Bob Peña is a resident of Lansing’s east side where most locals know him as “Chicken Bob, due to his love for chicken farming. Peña is campaigning to represent District 10 on Lansing’s east side. Over the last several months, Peña has worked tirelessly to address the immediate needs within the Lansing Community. He has dedicated himself to a grassroots campaign full of purpose, determination, and heart. In August, Peña defeated incumbent Thomas Morgan 1525 to 1472. Peña faces Republican Kelly Christopherson in November. During Pena's campaign, he has focused on the areas of:

· Resident access to quality food

· Equal Housing Opportunities

· Roadways and Infrastructure

Peña, born in Fort McPherson, GA, earned an undergraduate degree in engineering from the University of Texas in Austin. Peña received his master's degree in civil engineering from Michigan State University. A Lansing resident for thirty-five year's retired from the Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT). During his time with MDOT, he focused on policymaking and testing designs and details in road and bridge construction. He is fully vested in the Lansing Community and spends most of his time volunteering for various community boards and organizations. Over the year's he has volunteered with Habitat for Humanity, Greater Lansing Food Bank, Lansing School District, Chicano Advisory Committee, and the Lansing Area Aids Network. Peña has volunteered to work internationally at orphanages, hospitals, schools, and houses in the Caribbean, Africa, and North and South America. Peña also is an advocate for bikers within Lansing. This includes his membership in the Tri-County Bicycle Association and the Lansing Bike Party. He stresses the importance of choosing biking as an alternative to help reduce our carbon emissions footprint within the City.

Peña is a candidate who has a handle on the daily issues of east side residents and is working to address these issues in a time of peril. He is a resident of Lansing’s Eastside and resides in the Foster Neighborhood. Peña is asking for the support and votes of the residents within District 10 on November 3rd, 2020, or by absentee ballot. To find out more information about Bob Peña please visit

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