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Brothers In Head Dress

A Portfolio by Dr. Eugene Cain

Courtesy Photo-Dr. Eugene Cain

With COVID-19’s omnipresence in my life, I have actually found time to try and finish projects that I started on years ago but put them aside to do other things that creeped onto my prioritized  list of “Things to Do”. One of the recently completed projects is found in this mailing. It was started in 2016, but like so many things on my “to do list,” I put it down to address other tasks. This portfolio deals with a cultural phenomenon that I have observed all my life: Black Men In Head Dress. The wearing of hats/caps/head gear/head dress is a very common practice among Black men. It starts early and for many of them, it carries over into their adult life. I tried to capture this reality in this portfolio. To view this project, click on the link below. When it opens, click on the “Welcome to Eugene Cain’s Photography”. Now click on my image  you will see my webpage and as you can see it is in need of updating (one of  the set aside projects that I am working on). Now click on Work and you will see a listing of all of my published portfolios, including the featured one in this mailing. You will note by clicking on the Head Dress portfolio an arrow will appear in the center .  Click on it and you will hear jazz great, Quincy Jones’ The Dude tune. I thought it would be the perfect tune for you to listen to as you click on and navigate the photos. In closing, know that I am appreciative of all the feed back that you have shared with me regarding previous portfolios. However, I would be remiss if I did not thank my son Dr. Jabari Cain for his technical assistance in getting this onto the web. By the way he is an outstanding photographer, specializing in wedding photography in the Greater Atlanta community ..having been consistently voted as one of the top wedding photographers in Metro Atlanta. Check out his website at Enjoy the viewing & STAY SAFE & BE WELL.

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