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CADL asks voters to approve millage on August 2nd

Lansing, MI – July 7, 2022 – The library system’s millage of 1.5528 mills expired on Dec. 31,2021. On August 2, voters will be asked to approve a new millage that would restore and

increase the millage rate to 1.56 mills. This would support library operations including 13

branches, a Mobile Library, and outreach services to children, seniors, and underserved


CADL has operated successfully under the same millage rate of 1.56 mills since 2006. However,the rate was reduced twice over the last two years to the current rate of 1.5528 mills. This was due to the Headlee Rollback, which requires a local unit of government to reduce its millage when annual growth on existing property is greater than the rate of inflation.

The average taxable value of a home in Ingham County is $65,882* (home valued at $131,764), so the cost of 1.56 mills would be $102.78 per year. This is only a 47¢ per year increase from the current reduced millage rate of 1.5528 mills. “Almost 90% of the library’s funding comes from this operating millage,” said Capital Area District Libraries’ Executive Director Scott Duimstra. “So, it’s crucial that we restore this funding in order to continue providing impactful library services to our communities.” In the last four years, CADL memberships have increased by 14%. Members checked out 8.5 million items, while 2.8 million visits were made to its libraries. Under the leadership of an appointed Board of Trustees, CADL serves most residents in Ingham County and part of Eaton County. With 13 branches and a Mobile Library, our service area includes 23 different municipalities. Our system is funded through a district-wide millage.

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