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Curly Bear, a Blackfoot Chief

There are 574 federally recognized Native American tribes who originated in the United States. Currently, Native Americans make up 2.694 million of our country's entire population.

With the preservation movement in Native American dialect and culture, there is still less than half a million people who can speak one of the 150 native languages spoken in the US, today.

The most spoken native language is Navajo with nearly 170,000 speakers. Yupik is the next most common at 19,750, which is spoken in Alaska.

Before French and British settlers came to Michigan in 1600s, Michigan was home to several indigenous tribes. The three largest tribes are the Ojibwe (also called Chippewa), the Odawa (also called Ottowa) and the Potawatomi (also called the Bode’wadmi).  They share in one language, similar customs and beliefs.  Together, they are known as Anishinaabe, or “the original people.”  

An unidentified Chippewa Native

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