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Dress How You Want to be Addressed

Updated: Feb 14, 2021

Courtesy Photo-Aondray Worthy Owner Walk Worthy Men's Clothing Store

Saying Aondray Worthy's found a family and the career he was meant to have is a gift from God would be an understatement. Worthy, a product of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and Saginaw, Michigan, was no stranger to adversity growing up. Finding a bible and accepting its teachings changed his life. “Finding God changed my life in many ways,” Worthy said. “I credit the examples laid out by my uncles in whetting my appetite for entrepreneurialism. The younger me observe very fashion conscience uncles who looked great in a suit. Being a product of a hip hop generation also had its impact on my sense of fashion.”

Worthy owns and operates Walk Worthy, a men's clothing store in Lansing. He started his business in 2014. His first clients were the men he knew through his church. "I have to give credit to my pastors' son, Mr. Samuel Duncan IV. for his encouragement and counsel," Worthy said, "he has a way of seeing the potential in people." The concept grew to include grooms interested in custom suits for their weddings and other special events.

As described by Worthy, the business is an online men’s clothing store with a personal touch. “We offer one-on-one private consultations,” Worthy notes. “I pride myself on being able to meet my customer’s expectations and needs.”

The suit is also his bestseller. According to Worthy, guys always say, "Hey, I need to get with you. They're mostly are talking about getting a suit as opposed to a new tie, sweater, or shirt," explained Worthy. When discussing life in general and what makes you happy, Worthy noted that his faith makes him the happiest. Growing up, Worthy related, "I never knew my father. I didn’t even have a name. I lost my mother early in life to MS. Eventually, finding the bible turned my entire life around.”

Courtesy Photo-Walk Worthy Men's Clothing

Worthy found the love of his life in the church. They were married and started a family. "My favorite thing to do is family," said Worthy. When reflecting on his favorite place in the world, the city of Chicago came to mind. "It's a magnificent city," said Worthy.

When asked if he could share a pearl of business wisdom, Worthy stated, “don’t give up, stay the course. Be persistent. If you are interested in getting your next suit, check out Walk Worthy online at

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