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Enrollment and Transfer Opportunities at LCC

Community colleges provide opportunities. Often, the combination of affordability, local accessibility, and personalized support means the difference between a lifetime of success and struggle for those from underserved backgrounds and/or marginalized communities.

According to statistics gathered by the American Association for Community Colleges, more than 40% of all undergraduates in the U.S. enroll at community colleges. More than 55% of Native American undergrads, 52% of Hispanic undergrads, and 43% of Black undergrads enroll at community colleges. Thirty-six percent of those who attend community colleges are the first in their families to attend college.

Lansing Community College (LCC) was founded to address the needs of local industries. These days, students come to LCC to find fulfilling careers and/or take care of transferrable credits for a fraction of a university’s price before achieving four-year credentials or beyond.

Many LCC students utilize the Michigan Reconnect educational program to make college affordable. Michigan Reconnect provides tuition so adults aged 21 and older can enroll in Michigan community college degree and professional training programs.

The opportunity Michigan Reconnect affords people is real. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates the median annual income for workers with an associate degree to be more than $50,000, while the median income for those with only high school-level credentials is less than $37,000 annually.

Once graduated, many students will transfer to four-year colleges and universities to pursue a bachelor’s degree or higher. At LCC, that process is a much clearer path through the LCC’s Envision Green partnership with Michigan State University (MSU).

Envision Green provides a coordinated academic pathway from LCC to MSU. As part of the program, MSU academic advisors work with students on LCC’s campus and guide class selection and the transfer process. In addition, MSU has made transferring credits from LCC to its academic programs more seamless and provides individual guidance to LCC students who want to complete their studies at MSU. Also, MSU actively recruits LCC students. These measures make transferring from LCC to MSU a streamlined process.

In addition to the opportunities provided through Michigan Reconnect and Envision Green, LCC students enjoy 24/7 tutoring opportunities, dedicated academic success coaches, opportunities for emergency aid, scholarships, IT help and the ability to rent necessary equipment (like laptops), counselors and helpful support staff.

To learn more about how you or a student in your life can enroll at LCC with Michigan Reconnect, visit For information about the Envision Green program, visit Those interested in general LCC programs should visit

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