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Get the Most from Your Savings

Courtesy of Michigan State Federal Credit Union Facebook

Looking for ways to save beyond a traditional savings account? Here are three strategies to consider.

Build Your Savings by Laddering

You can save more at higher rates and still give yourself some liquidity by “laddering” Certificates.

Certificates earn more dividends than traditional savings accounts because the money is placed in an account for a fixed term. Laddering certificates allows you to earn more on your savings while providing you easier access to the funds by saving your money in different terms. By spreading out the terms and maturity dates – the dates money in the Certificates can be withdrawn or reinvested – you can earn higher dividends while freeing up funds at different intervals should you need them without paying early withdrawal penalties.

MSUFCU offers Certificates with terms from three months to five years, making laddering easier. Formore information, visit

Grow Faster with a Blended Rate

If you need to shore up your savings quickly, a blended-rate account is your best bet.

MSUFCU’s Savings Builder SM is one solution, designed to help you build emergency savings quickly bypaying a different dividend rate on funds in each of its three tiers. Each dividend rate applies only to theportion of the account balance within each tier. What makes Savings Builder unique is that it pays more dividends on the lowest tier of deposits, unlike many traditional savings accounts that pay higher dividends as the balance increases. For more information, visit

Big Dreams Start with Small Savings Goals

The first step toward reaching your financial goals and dreams is to get organized using ‘digital envelopes’ in your account.

Similar to placing your funds in physical envelopes to help organize your savings, you can apply the same concept in your online account. Create and personalize individual savings accounts for each of your goals, like your next family vacation or for each of your monthly expenses. Then, set up automatic transfers into your savings accounts to stay on track and watch your savings grow. You’ll make better spending and savings decisions and feel more confident in your progress toward achieving your goals. For more information, visit

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