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H. E. R. is one Tony away from EGOT status

Gabriella Wilson, known more popularly as H.E.R "Having Everything Revealed" has been making history as one of the most talented, dynamic artist in the game.

From being the first Black female artist to launch her very own Fender Signature Guitar, to playing a Disney princess in ABC's Beauty and the Beast, she is well-rounded in entertainment: music making, acting and marketing.

When asked about her future, she once told People Magazine, “There's absolutely going to be an EGOT," saying she would definitely accept at least one of each of the most prestigious awards- Emmy, Grammy, Oscar and Tony- in her career.

She has worked with the Obamas on their Netflix series We the People which just earned her an Emmy, getting her one tier closer to EGOT status.

With 21 Grammy nominations, she has grabbed 5. She earned an Emmy for her song "Fight for You" just last year. Adding the recent Oscar, all she needs now is her Tony.

If and when she does receive this award, she will join the likes of the other 15 EGOTs in history, including Whoopi Goldberg and John Legend.

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