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High Caliber Karting & Entertainment Debuts Mini Go Karts

Children 5 & Up Can Race Around Lansing’s #1 Go Kart Track

Courtesy of High Caliber Karting & Entertainment

High Caliber Karting & Entertainment (HCKE) officially has something for the kiddos now, Mini Go Karts will be available April 1st for children that have been begging mom and dad for a turn around the track at the best entertainment facility in Mid Michigan. Previously, High Caliber had an age/height restriction for the super fast, european electric go karts of eight years old and 54” – but now ages five and up with no height or weight restriction can experience the thrill of (mostly) high speed fun.

The mini go-karts are similar in build and speed of the regular go-karts found at High Caliber, but minified and used at slower speeds. Up to 10 racers will be able to have fun around the track, and helmets are still a must, keeping those five and up kids safe on the track is a top priority for the High Caliber team. The race will be priced at $15 per person and available as an activity for birthday parties or regular walk-ins.

“High Caliber Karting has been the premiere location in Lansing for fun entertainment meant for adults, and will continue to be that,” began owner and president, Jordan Munsters. “But we also realize that a lot of parents out there love to have fun with their kids too, and we wanted to offer those parents an activity that their kids would love participating in, so we’re excited to offer the Lansing area child-size go-karts.”

Although children will fit easiest in these new mini-karts, adults join their children in a race around the track too if they are able to fit in the smaller seats and can secure their seat belts. For additional safety, the regular go-karts will never be on the same track as a mini go-kart either.

Other activities that kids five and up can participate in now at High Caliber, are Gellyball Blasters, Throwbowling, Pocket Soccer, and the Arcade. All of which are bundled together in the All Access Kid Pass for one price of $60, currently available in person only. Adult/Junior go-kart races, Axe Throwing, and Rage Rooms are still reserved for those aged 13 and up. Fans and future guests of High Caliber can visit their location at the Meridian Mall in Okemos, MI and experience the child friendly go-karts beginning on April 1, 2023. Online bookings are also available at Call 517-721-1790 or email for more details.

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