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"How Justice Kyra Harris Bolden is Recognizing Inspirational Moms in Michigan"

Updated: May 14


Justice Kyra

LANSING, Mich.—(April 23, 2024) With Mother’s Day approaching, Justice Kyra Harris Bolden—the first Black woman to serve on Michigan’s Supreme Court—is expressing gratitude for the women who have helped her find her path in life, along with all moms across the state who took action and made sacrifices to improve the lives of their children and others.


“I feel so much pride in how far my family has come in just a few generations,” Justice Bolden said. “In 1939, my great-grandfather was lynched in Tennessee, simply for asking for a receipt from a store. Today, I have the great honor of serving on the highest court in the state. My mother and grandmother instilled in me the importance of education from a young age and the importance of treating everyone with dignity and respect. Their support made it possible for me to reach my goals and make a difference in the lives of others. I am so grateful to both for their love and wisdom.”


Justice Bolden says the influence of her mother and grandmother is reflected in the values she brings to her service on the state Supreme Court: ensuring access to justice for all, a commitment to equal justice, and dedication to the rule of law.


A mother herself, Justice Bolden says her daughter inspires her to fight for an equal and just future for her and all Michigan residents.


“It’s important for my daughter and other young girls to see people who look like them in positions of influence,” JusticeJustice Kyra Bolden said. “It’s hard to be what you cannot see. I want my daughter to be proud of her mom, and I hope I can inspire her and others to follow through on their dreams—just like my mother and grandmother did for me.”


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