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It is half time at the Breslin Center and it is anyone's game

Michigan State started the game strong, with Jaden Akins scoring a 3 pointer on the Spartan’s first possession. He has since not put anymore points on the board. State also had great showings out on defense at the beginning of the half, causing Northwestern turn the ball over on a shot clock violation.

Spartan's defense experienced some let up into the first half though.

In a changing tide, Northwestern Wildcats (5-2) are going into halftime leading the Michigan State Spartans (5-2). After leading for the better part of the first half, Spartans got into some foul troubles and allowed Northwestern to come back. Wildcats led by as much as 8 points in the largest spread of the game.

The Wildcats are 11-22 from the field while the Spartans are 13-28, making Northwestern more effective from the field. Michigan State is shooting over 50% from beyond the arc; although impressive, it has not been enough to sustain the lead. Top scorers from State are Walker, Hoggard and Brooks. Top scorers from Northwestern are Buie and Berry with 9 points each.

With just one point spread though, it is still anybody’s game.

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