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Lansing Roller Derby announces boot camp for new skaters

Folks of all backgrounds and abilities are welcome

Courtesy of Lansing Roller Derby Facebook

A basic skills boot camp training program is being offered to people interested in learning the sport of roller derby.  The Lansing Roller Derby (LRD) league is holding two orientations. The first orientation will be held virtually on Tuesday, May 30th, from 7-9 pm. The meeting link will be found through the Virtual Orientation event on Facebook. The second orientation will be held in person on Sunday, June 4th, at Court One Training Center, 7868 Old M-78 in East Lansing, from 5-7 pm. Gear fitting, for those who need it, will be held on Tuesday, June 6th, at Court One Training Center from 7- 9pm. The eight-week boot camp program begins Sunday, June 11th. The fee to participate is $80 due on the first day of boot camp. Loaner equipment is available, but please bring a mouth guard and a water bottle. 

While most sports require a certain physique, roller derby is uniquely inclusive of all shapes, sizes and abilities. In fact, approximately 75% of past boot campers entered the program with little or no skating ability.  With enough coaching, practice and group support – which LRD has plenty of – new skaters will quickly advance their skills and become safe and ready for game play. 

Roller derby is a unique sport in that both offense and defense are played at the same time.  Five- member teams compete during two-minute sessions called “jams” in which points are earned by passing opposing players, so strategy, awareness of the track, and team cohesiveness is key. And while the sport was at one time perceived as being showy and staged, it has since evolved into a legitimate sport. LRD prides itself on providing participants the best possible opportunity to flourish in a safe and positive environment; all training is run and supervised by the league’s most experienced coaching staff and veteran players who also serve as mentors to new recruits. 

“What I love most about our team is the confidence and empowerment it provides,” said Ali “Jahrmageddon” Jahr, LRD President and co-coach. “There are not many opportunities for adult women to compete in athletic activity and become part of something bigger than themselves, and roller derby provides that outlet.”

Boot camp consists of introductory, intermediate and advanced skill level training that focus on proper stance, stopping and turning, speed control, agility, endurance, pack work, and more. Proper mastery of technique is reinforced at twice-weekly practices on Sundays and Thursdays.

After boot camp, passing a basic skills test is required before participating in scrimmage and competitive play in home team and travel season bouts. We currently have 3 levels of game play in LRD so everyone gets a chance to play at home and away. Opportunities are also available for all people ages 18 or older, to get involved with the league as a non-skating official, referee or volunteer. 

For more information on Lansing Roller Derby, visit

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