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Lansing Small Business is Getting Bigger

Photo courtesy Lansing State Journal

When the COVID pandemic started, Desmond Ferguson's business, "Moneyball Sportswear," had an unknown future. All forms of sport stopped, dramatically decreasing the sale of uniforms, which was an integral revenue stream for Moneyball. However, a silver lining was found in the business's retail sales channel. Sales of general athletic apparel increased greatly during the pandemic.

Desmond says this saved the business and allowed the company to experience major growth. Today, sports are back in full swing, and a lot of Moneyball's sales have transitioned back to sports uniforms. However, the retail side grew so much, Desmond has expanded into several locations.

He's now looking to rehab a building in one of Lansing's forgotten corridors to locate Moneyball's headquarters. Being a Lansing native, Desmond has always seen potential with the buildings near 927 West Saginaw St. He recently purchased a 5,000-square-foot building at the location and plans to bring new life to the area.

The location will be Moneyball's center of operations with retail and warehouse space. Desmond hopes to have the space up and running by the summer of 2023.

*Article text from the Small Business Development Center (SBDC) at Lansing Community College

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