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Lawyers of Rap Legend Dr. Dre Demand a Republican Rep. to stop using his Music

Axelle / Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic file

Lawyers of hip hop and rap legend Dr. Dre have issued a warning letter demanding Republican Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene to stop using his music after the controversial politican used the hit song "Still D. R. E"

“I don’t license my music to politicians, especially someone as divisive and hateful as this one,” Dre, who was born Andre Young, said in a statement.

Greene, a representative for a district in northeast Georgia, has consistently promoted the far-right agenda and in February 2022, she spoke at a white nationalist event.

"One might expect that, as a member of Congress, you would have a passing familiarity with the laws of our country. It’s possible, though, that laws governing intellectual property are a little too arcane and insufficiently populist for you to really have spent much time on," the letter reads. "We’re writing because we think an actual lawmaker should be making laws not breaking laws, especially those embodied in the constitution by the founding fathers."

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