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McLaren Greater Lansing Now Offering Expectant Parents Birthing Classes

McLaren Greater Lansing Now Offers a Unique Experience for Expectant Parents with the Addition of Birth Classes

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Welcoming a new baby into the family comes with a lot of excitement, but also preparation. Attending a birthing class in the weeks leading up to labor and delivery offers several benefits to new parents to help them better understand the birthing process, explore pain management options, and learn more about infant care.

“Expectant parents now have the unique opportunity to participate in our new labor support classes located right at the hospital,” said Melissa Baird, MSN, RNC-OB, C-EFM, manager of patient care services at The Birthplace at McLaren Greater Lansing. “This one-day course is led by an experienced nurse educator and gives an exclusive perspective where patients learn more about the birthing process at McLaren along with a tour of the facility that will better prepare them for the big day.”

New parents who attended birthing classes often say they felt more prepared going into their delivery. The birthing class held at McLaren Greater Lansing is a one-day class, making it convenient for expectant parents juggling busy schedules.

“Our patients will get to learn more directly from McLaren nurses,” said Allison Claeys, RNC-OB, C-EFM, clinical nurse educator who is teaching the program. “There hasn’t been any prenatal or labor support classes in the community that are taught by the nurses that will be caring for you in the hospital until now and having that interaction with expecting parents and their families ahead of time really helps reduce the level of anxiety they may feel about their upcoming birth.”

The class includes a full range of preparation and techniques for laboring and post-labor care and is segmented in three parts. Each class includes:

  • The labor process: how to know you are in labor, when to come to the hospital, and caring for yourself during the last weeks of pregnancy.

  • Hospital admission process, labor positioning and comfort techniques, and pain control options.

  • Delivery and postpartum care, including reviewing instructions on what moms can expect in the postpartum period, normal versus abnormal newborn findings, and warning signs for mom and baby that may need immediate attention.

The classes are currently offered monthly for expecting parents who are beginning their third trimester of their pregnancy.

The Birthplace at McLaren Greater Lansing offers many new and convenient features, such as large spacious rooms with private bathrooms equipped with both a bath and shower; USB outlets for charging devices; individual thermostats in the rooms; and a designated space for husbands, partners and other support people with additional seating options that can be moved out of the way when not in use.

To learn more or to register for an upcoming birthing class, click here. To learn more about The Birthplace at McLaren Greater Lansing, click here.

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