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McLaren’s CXO, Lynn Griffor, Certified as Patient Experience Professional

Courtesy of McLaren

Going to the hospital is a different experience for each person and can vary depending on the reason for the visit. While coming to the hospital to give birth is a very different experience than coming to the hospital for chest pain, McLaren is working toward ensuring that no matter the reason for the visit, every patient’s experience is a positive one.

One way they are working toward this goal is having Chief Experience Officer Lynn Griffor certified as a patient experience professional. As a certified patient experience professional (CPXP), Griffor joins a group of 1,400 healthcare leaders around the globe committed to ensuring the patient experience movement continues to excel and evolve.

“I wanted to explore best practices in patient experience from all over the world and implement them here in our local community,” said Griffor.

The CPXP certification was created for health care professionals with a commitment to improving patient experience. The exam focuses on four key domains, including partnership and advocacy, measurement and analysis, design and innovation, and organizational culture and leadership.

“I believe that building a positive workplace culture for our staff has a direct connection to patient experience,” said Griffor. “My goal is to implement practices that support our McLaren Greater Lansing employees as well as our patients and visitors.”

McLaren is focused on improving the experience for their patients and has already taken steps toward that goal. In February, the hospital installed Medi+Sign digital communication boards in every patient room. These digital boards improve communication to patients about their care.

The new outpatient imaging center that opened on McLaren’s health care campus in June ensures a more timely experience for both patients within the hospital and community members who need imaging testing.

McLaren has also partnered with Walgreens to offer a Meds to Beds program where patients can receive their prescriptions delivered to their bedside before they go home. This convenience ensures patients can leave the hospital and go right home to continue their healing journey.

To learn more about McLaren and the services the hospital offers, click here. For more information on health and wellness, click here.

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