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Meet Martinez White, Author, entrepreneur, and Community Advocate

Courtesy Photo-Martinez White; Author, entrepreneur, and Community Advocate. Named one of Wisconsin's fifty-one most influential black leaders of 2023 by

Martinez White, Emmy Award recipient, founding member of the Wisconsin Association of Black Men, and CEO of Intuition Productions, upholds the belief that “Dreams Are Made to Be Achieved™”. He's inspired over 5,000 youth as a keynote speaker and DJ, with 8000+ copies of his debut self-help book THINK LIKE A DJ: 7 Steps to Spin Poverty into Prosperity sold worldwide! THINK LIKE A DJ is about a child from a single-parent home who became a first-generation college admit at just 16 years old. He shows his readers how he sees the world through the eyes of a creative and accomplishes goals through highs and lows making life dance for him. He describes his journey of life through the heart of a DJ and life being his ultimate party.

As a member of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc., White’s mission is to empower one billion people to join his Dream Circle by self-actualizing their dreams & living their most abundant destiny.

Graphic Courtesy of Martinez White.


Living in Mombasa, Kenya, and volunteering at Alicia Keys’ Keep A Child Alive campaign’s BOMU Medical Center, fighting the HIV/AIDS pandemic forever changed White’s world perspective. As a licensed investment advisor, White teaches clients how to create intergenerational financial freedom, regardless of socioeconomic class. He believes 'Artrepreneurship', the monetization of artistic gifts, is the best defense against institutionalized racism.

Based on this belief, at just sixteen years old, White emerged from a single-parent home of six children in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Against all odds, White earned his Bachelor of Arts in Communication Arts and Afro-American Studies from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, as a PEOPLE and Chancellor’s Scholar at a mere twenty years old. A DJ, filmmaker, and author, White inspires us all through the power of his unparalleled style of multimedia storytelling. “If You Want It Done Right, Get M. White.”


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