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Officials say COVID has taken over 40 thousand Lives in Michigan

It is like making the entire populations of Saginaw or Muskegon disappear FOREVER! That, in essence, is what COVID has done to Michigan.

According to the State Department of Health, 40,085 Michiganians had died from the virus as of November 29th of this year. *(Saginaw pop: 41,446 -- Muskegon pop: 37,552)

And it’s not over.

While the pace of COVID-19 deaths has slowed much compared with the first several months of the pandemic — when there were no vaccines, therapies, or antiviral treatments — Michigan citizens are continuing to die of COVID at a pace of about 24 people per day through the month of November, according to a Detroit Free Press analysis of state data.

Nationally, health officials say COVID is currently causing just over 2,600 deaths each week – with weekly new cases in America at about 305,000.

A lot of Americans may be feeling like, “I’m through with COVID.” Unfortunately…the virus isn’t done with us, yet.

The best advice remains to get the COVID vaccine and any recommended boosters.

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