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Persistence Gets it Done!

Courtesy Photo-Brian Payne AKA DJ Cuttnice

Brian Payne's dad learned three things about his two-year-old son. He is stubborn, determined, and doesn’t take no for an answer. Even if the consequences of being persistent is daddy's belt.

“I love music,” said Brian Payne. “Those fantastic sounds positively captured my imagination.”

Brian’s dad realized it was going to be easier to join him rather than fight him. So, he queued up his pint-sized D.J. “I couldn’t even read when I got started,” explained Payne. “My dad would mark the outsides of the packages of the records he wanted me to play. So, it wasn’t long before I was playing music at my father’s basement parties.” Payne's childhood fascination became a full-time business in 2003. Payne settled on the business name F.T. H. Entertainment. The F.T.H. stands for feel the hunger. “When I realized that I could actually make money off of playing records, following this to its natural conclusion sparked a business venture,” said Payne.

Payne admits that while he is open to many genres, his favorite music surrounds hip hop and R&B. "I also really like the old-school stuff as well," said Payne. "The stuff I grew up on."

As a reporter with a few years on Payne, I smiled and noted, "old-school" depends on the era in which you were born. Yes, the "old school," which Payne refers to, starts in the 70s and moves up through the decades. "I guess it really is all relative," stated Payne. "The year 2000 was twenty years ago."

As for a specialty, Payne prides himself on his ability to mix, scratch, and get the crowd going. "Whether it's a wedding, the club, or a high school open house," stated Payne, "I'm able to get the crowds moving." He also tells of a time where he competed in quite a few D.J. contests. "I competed at a contest called the DMC in Chicago," said Payne. "It was highly competitive." Payne acknowledges that while he did represent in Chicago, he did not win. Payne went on to tell of another competition in Cincinnati where the prize was a crisp $100 bill and a world championship belt with your name engraved on the belt. "I won that contest, and the prize was pretty cool too," he said. When asked about a following, Payne smiled. "Oh yes," he said. "I definitely have a following. "I get a lot of bookings from my internet feeds, being on the radio and word of mouth. Payne paused and stated, “I want to send a special shout out to my number 1 supporter that has always been in my corner, my wife Chereese Payne 143." Payne acknowledged that while he doesn’t have a recognized signature, he is known for scratching. “They call me Cuttnice,” said Payne. “I guess that could be considered my signature.”

We’ve established early on that music makes Payne happy. But what makes him the most comfortable is the knowledge that he has never lost his love for music. He was able to find a career that included his first love. When asked if he could go anywhere in the world, where would you go, Payne replied. “Wow, that’s a tough question. I guess my special place would be the Dominican Republic. I have never been there, but I’ve always been interested in going.”

When asked if you could speak to potential clients, what would you say? “Well, I would like to thank them in advance for giving me a chance and coming out to see what I can do,” noted Payne. “without them, I would have nothing.”

Anyone interested in getting in touch with DJ Cuttnice can reach him in several ways:,,, and

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