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The Journey of Author RaShonda D. Jamerson: Celebrating Mental Health Awareness Month

Updated: May 17

Mental Health Awareness Month

Meet RaShonda D. Jamerson, a Licensed Professional Counselor who has worked for over twenty years to encourage, educate, and empower teens, women, and wives. With a background in high school counseling and a master’s degree in counseling, RaShonda has helped individuals and couples work through difficult stages of life.

Join us as we explore the inspiring journey of author RaShonda D. Jamerson in honor of Mental Health Awareness Month. Discover how she balances her roles as a writer, mother, and mental health advocate, and learn about her impactful work promoting mental well-being through her books and advocacy efforts.

As a woman of faith, RaShonda is passionate about sharing God’s love and helping others discover their purpose. Her latest book, Miraculous Testimonies: God Is Still Performing Miracles Today, shares inspiring accounts of present-day miracles performed by God.

Mental Health Awareness Month

RaShonda is a devoted wife and mother of three who shares a wedding ministry with her husband at their home church. She is committed to relieving unnecessary burdens and encouraging people to stand in hope and live in God’s freedom.

Mental Health Awareness Month

Courtesy Photo-Cory and RaShonda Jamerson serve as marriage ministry leaders at Connection Church for almost 7 years. Cory is an ordained minister and RaShonda is a licensed professional counselor. For the past 20 years, Cory has spent his time in men’s, prison, and nursing home ministries, while RaShonda has spent time working in women’s ministries. They can’t wait to spend the weekend with couples building a greater community of Kingdom marriages!


For those seeking inspiration and encouragement, RaShonda is open to speaking engagements at your upcoming events. For further details, please contact

Mental Health Awareness Month

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