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Schor Announces New Leadership for Economic Development & Planning Department

LANSING – Mayor Andy Schor announced today new leadership for the Lansing Department of Economic Development & Planning. He has appointed Jordan Hankwitz as Director of the Department and Nicholas Montry as Deputy Director.

Hankwitz comes to the City of Lansing after having served as Director of the non-partisan Michigan Senate Business Office for the last eight years. In that role, he also served as the Michigan Senate’s Chief Financial Officer. Montry is moving from Lansing’s Public Service Department where he currently works as the Engineering Technician Supervisor.

“I am incredibly confident in this new leadership team for the department. Jordan Hankwitz brings years of high-level management experience dealing with complex issues, personnel, and budgets in a fast-paced government setting. His work managing the operations, finance, and staff in the state senate will be invaluable in running a large city department,” said Mayor Schor. “Nick Montry is well-liked by his colleagues and has displayed excellent leadership skills as a supervisor with the city. He will work with folks day-to-day to ensure efficient and effective operations of the various offices within the department. The management skills that these two bring to the table will be incredible for the future of this important city department.”

Lansing’s Economic Development & Planning Department is a large, complex agency that covers a wide range of responsibilities and is made up of several divisions that help keep the City running, including: Building Safety; Code Enforcement; Development; Parking Services; and Planning.

Hankwitz earned his bachelor's degree in political science, as well as his MBA, from Michigan State University. He worked for over 15 years in the Michigan Legislature, culminating in his eight years as Director of the non-partisan Senate Business Office.

Montry has worked in the City’s Public Service Department for nearly 5 years and prior to that owned a small business for 15 years. He earned a bachelor’s degree in business management from Northwood University, and an associate degree in business administration from Lansing Community College.

Hankwitz begins full-time on Monday, April 17, while Montry has begun his transition to the department this week.

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