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Southeast Michigan Flute Association Annual Festival is here Oct 14-15

The Southeast Michigan Flute Association will be celebrating our 20th year and Amy Porter (, Flute Professor, from the University of Michigan is our Guest Artist and one of the founders of the organization.

Friday, October 14, 2022 - Evening Concert featuring Amy Porter and Afterglow

Saturday, October 15, 2022 - during the day will have competitions, workshops, masterclasses, mass flute choir and and end with Member Showcase Concert Our Mission: “To promote the advancement and appreciation of the flute and flute playing throughout Southeast Michigan.” About us: The Southeast Michigan Flute Association (SEMFA) is a non-profit flute organization in Southeast Michigan. Established in 2002, we serve as a platform for students, amateurs, professionals, teachers, and lovers of the flute to connect. From the Detroit Symphony Orchestra flute section, the major university and college professors, to the number of regional orchestral flutists and the talented students of all ages: we arrange, coordinate and involve our members in a number of concerts, recitals, annual festivals and masterclasses.

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