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State Oversight Academy Launch

Sponsored by the Levin Center for Oversight and Democracy at Wayne State University Law School

Courtesy of Levin Center Twitter

The Levin Center for Oversight and Democracy is launching the State Oversight Academy at Wayne State University Law School.

The State Oversight Academy (SOA) is the first and only national institution dedicated to promoting effective bipartisan fact-finding and oversight by state legislatures as essential to good governance and democracy. Its Launch Week, from Monday, March 27th to Friday, March 31st, will include a bipartisan webinar with state legislators to discuss their role in conducting good oversight; a “FAST Class” (Federal and State Tutorials) podcast about corrections oversight; a panel with statehouse journalists on the role of the media in ensuring government transparency and accountability; and the inaugural SOA blog post and newsletter.

Earlier this month, SOA launched the State Legislature Oversight Wiki, the first resource of its kind to include links to legislature and committee websites; recent agency reports; and state fiscal data; as well as a mechanism for legislators, department officials, and staff to submit their own updates and corrections.

SOA will build a national community of practitioners, scholars and other experts, good government advocates, and the public interested in advancing transparent and accountable government and mitigating disinformation that can foster extremism and stymy dialogue across the political divide. By advancing the theory and practice of bipartisan, fact-based legislative oversight, SOA will become a leader in advancing democratic renewal and civic discourse across the United States.

For a full list of SOA events and resources and to RSVP to events, visit

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