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The Chronicle News; Thirty-Five Years and Counting

Courtesy Photo-Yanice Jackson Publisher of the Chronicle News

LANSING, MI – The Chronicle News is excited to announce they will continue to expand its offerings to better serve the needs of their diverse clientele and readership. The Chronicle News was founded thirty-five years ago by Publisher Jay Price and his wife Carolyn Carter. The duo formed the Chronicle with a mission to change the narrative and show the positive side of the Community.

“Diversity is Our Business so, we are continuing to leverage our use of technology, and target a diverse readership spanning generations. It’s a perfect time to bridge the generational gap and combine the old with the new to help us evolve as a business”, says Chronicle News Publisher Yanice Jackson.

“We will continue to build partnerships with local businesses and community members to help stay in sync with them.” “We also will remain focused on being an accessible platform for the community”, says Jackson.

Photo Credit: Mr. Andrew Brewer Jay Price and Daughter Yanice partner with Men Making a Difference for 2021 Holiday Food Distribution

Since the inception of the print publication in 1986, the family business has grown to include web, social media, and radio. Their newest offering is the Sunday Chronicle a community radio show airing Sundays at 7:00 AM on Stacks 92.1 FM.

Yanice says, “We will continue to build upon this Family-Owned business and address the things that matters most to the community because Community Knows What Community Needs. This is our Niche and has allowed us to operate as a community publication for more than thirty years.”

Photo Credit: Yanice Jackson-Carlyon Carter and Jay Price with their granddaughter Jillian at the Chronicle News 30th Year Anniversary and Hometown Heroes Community Awards Ceremony June 10th, 2016


The Chronicle News is a publication founded on journalistic integrity, diversity, and accessibility to the community. We provide real news that inspires, motivates, and resonates with our readers, and community partners. Our integrity and accessibility are reflected in the content that we provide to the community through our publication, website, and social media outlets.

Since the inception of The Chronicle News in May of 1986, we have reached thousands of minorities in Mid-Michigan and have gained a diverse audience of all nationalities. The main purpose of the Chronicle News is to provide news and information that uplifts communities, while supporting diversity and inclusion. For more information about Chronicle News please visit

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