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The Club Q mass shooting: Remembering the Victims

Graphic courtesy of KOAA-TV

Americans today are learning more about the five victims of Saturday night's massacre at a gay nightclub in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

They were all young to middle-aged adults ranging from 22 to 40. Some worked at Club Q, while others were there to enjoy the evening festivities. It was a festive, pre-Thanksgiving crowd until some deranged, evil, and possibly hate-filled man pulled out an assault rifle and began to shoot.

When the firing stopped, five people lay dead, and about two dozen others were hurt.

The Colorado Springs Police Department has identified the five people killed as:

• Raymond Green Vance

• Kelly Loving

• Daniel Aston

• Derrick Rump

• Ashley Paugh

The suspected shooter, Anderson Lee Aldrich, aged 22, remains hospitalized today. Turns out, one of the club's patrons, an ex-Army officer, subdued Aldrich and with the help of at least two other people, beat the mess out of him, and disarmed him.

Officials say Aldrich will be formally charged with murder, attempted murder, and hate crimes.

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