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Things To Keep in Mind With Your Home Remodel Project

Things To Keep in Mind With Your Home Remodel Project

Homeowners love home renovations once the job is complete or when they start to see some real progress. The lead-up to the work can be exciting, too, because that’s the time when they can let their creativity shine.

They may draw up a lot of plans and ideas and run through different materials that they want to implement inside the home. But during all the excitement, some things can fall through the cracks. Here are some things to keep in mind with your home remodel project.

Spend Time in the Space You Want To Remodel

When homeowners start a renovation project, they are often quick to start implementing their plans. Don’t do that just yet. The ideas homeowners have are probably great, but they might want to alter some decisions down the line.

Spend time in the intended remodel space first. Look it over because there might be some forgotten treasures. At the last minute, a homeowner might decide to keep the light fixtures after all because they fell in love with them all over again. Remember that haste makes waste. Take some time to process everything before breaking ground. You might even come up with some DIY kitchen renovations that you can do yourself!

Invest in a Lockbox

Invest in a lock box to use during the course of renovations, especially if a hired contractor is involved in the project. There might be times when the homeowner is away, and the contractor needs access to the home so that they can start working.

Placing a key to the house in a lockbox allows the contractor to come and go without having full access to the home. Only the homeowner and the crew should know the code for the house. Always request they leave the key locked away at the end of every workday.

Prepare for the Worse

It’s not a home renovation project without some drama. Something is bound to happen that will throw a wrench in the plans. But that’s okay because homeowners always prepare for the worst!

The smartest thing to do is set aside extra money for any inconvenience. This backup budget puts a stop to the inconvenience of dipping into the project’s original funds when something goes wrong. For instance, something like shingle weight for roof disposal could become a problem, and it’s important to have the resources to handle it.

Know the Bylaws

There are rules and bylaws for all homeowners. Whether it’s a house or condo, the property likely follows the guidelines of an association that homeowners need to acknowledge. They have specific rules for renovations and how they affect the property and the neighborhood.

Check with the HOA before starting any project. There may be ordinances for home additions and lot lines. No one wants to start a project and then abruptly stop because they didn’t get the proper permits or approval to proceed. The contractor should also be able to obtain the proper building permits for the area.

There are a million little details every homeowner needs to remember when performing home remodeling projects, but these are some of the most important things to keep in mind.

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