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Three Stacks Festival-His and Her Review by Matthew and Sarah Thornton

(L to R) Sarah and Matthew Thornton. Enjoying the Three Stacks Festival on Saturday September 18, 2021

Three Stacks Music Festival Review-Matthew's Point of View

Live music is back in Lansing! First, the 420 Cannabis Music Fest Powered by Jars brought out over 7500 people during the two-day event August 13th and 14th. Next, the always popular Common Ground. This year, the event took over Jackson Field. Bringing the same music ravenous crowd, it has for years on September 11th. Last weekend, Sarah and I checked out the Three Stacks Music Festival presented by CEP. This was another fest that didn't disappoint.

Photo Credit: Matthew Thornton-Greater than 7500 attendees enjoy a safe night filled with music and fun.

It's been a while since the Mrs., and I have seen live music. COVID slowed our roll a lot when it came to socializing and going to events. So, showing up to Adado Riverfront Park jammed with nearly 10,000 fans after an almost 2-year hiatus on just about everything, was a jolt to the system.

Lines on lines on lines, but everyone was good natured, courteous, and ready to party. "It’s all about collaboration." said Justin Christian, owner of Top Shelf Party Rentals. The company who supplied tables and chairs for this and the 420 Music Fest. "We want to serve a larger community." Which shows through the partnerships and vendors that came together and made things run as smooth as Tommy Vext and the Bad Wolves' cover of The Weekend’s "The Hills."

Photo Credit: Matthew Thornton

I was surprised by what I heard. I thought it was going to be a hip-hop heavy line up. We got there a little late (adulting and such) but showed up to the start of Tommy Vext's set. Hadn't heard of him or the Bad Wolves before. They were aight’, they blew our brains out right next to the speakers. Really liked their rendition of “The Hills.”

After that, we wandered around listening to the DJ. Making our way from the VIP across the sea of people to the vendors side of the park to find sustenance. Arriving, we got in line at Ds and Cs BBQ after a friend's recommendation. Good look Tiger! The line for food being on the opposite side of the stage gave the perfect vantage point to see Oscar winner DJ Paul. Every once in a while, jumping out of line to get pics and video. His set took me back and had me almost in the mosh pit he started...almost. He ended with "I'm getting so high; I'm going to forget my name." Right around the end of his set we got food. Like I said, lines on lines on lines, but well worth it.

Grabbing out sampler plate we headed backstage and got to catch up with old friends and see the main events getting ready.

I haven't heard Jelly Roll's new stuff. More used to his more hip-hop tracks. The stuff was a cool blend of hip hop, country, and rock. Dug the evolution and his pyrotechnics!

Yelawolf did his thing with the crowd roaring. All and all a great date day into night with my lovely bride. Looking forward to more events put together by CEP.


Three Stacks Music Festival Review-Sarah's take on things

Not having seen a live show since before COVID, or really even following them like Matt had… I walked into this venue with few expectations- outside of a great show and some face time with my favorite arm candy. Three Stacks Music Festival - sponsored by College Entertainment Productions (CEP) had way more in store for us.

Photo Credit: Matthew Thornton-(L to R) Yelawolf, Sarah Thornton. Sarah gets a quick shot with Yelawolf before his performance.

Not having seen a live show since before COVID, or really even following them like Matt had… I walked into this venue with few expectations- outside of a great show and some face time with my favorite arm candy. 3 Stacks music festival - sponsored by College Entertainment Productions (CEP) had way more in store for us.

We parked close, and walked downtown toward Adado. A dozen police and a handful of firefighters stood outside the fire station, minding their business and shooting the breeze while folks enjoyed the music. I don’t recall seeing a uniformed officer once inside…. There wasn’t a need, which dem boys could clearly discern. The drunken dipshits and Kyles with daddy issues were well hidden if they existed. Also cannabis isn’t known as a tool of conflict.

The CEP staff was outstanding. They addressed fans with patience and courtesy. The grounds were clean. Food lines were well organized and delicious, worth the wait. The merch lines looked rather hellacious, but thousands of loyal fans didn’t give a rip about that. The variety of artists, fans, vendors was unique, and a true testament to our local vibe. The air smelled amazing at all times, rich with Daddy’s finest flowers. The VIP was perfect for irrational claustrophobics like your girl, well spaced out with chairs, and the fastest bartenders in town.

Hard to describe the beauty of the day. Blue sky, white clouds, no rain and 75 degrees - a gift from the universe. One by one, artists took the stage and fans came together to see RMR, DJ Paul, Tommy Vext and Bad Wolves, DJ Enice, Basic, Jelly Roll, and the main event- Yelawolf- (MY 5 minutes of fan girl! Since 2015).

There was a little something for every rap/rock festival goer in attendance. The Bad Wolves guitar riffs shredded so hard I was almost able to block out the ill-timed political rant by the singer, Tommy Vext- who had a great voice…. for singing. DJ Paul sent me back to the 90’s with a quickness and schooled the younguns in the ways of the 3 6 Mafia- unceasing bars, razor sharp. Jelly Roll was a crowd hit, and had a huge following of all kinds of fans- perfect summer energy. Yelawolf, the main event, drew a crowd of over 10,000 strong, and did not disappoint. Still doing the most for his fans, low key and patient and open to meet and greet them. It was pretty awesome to take part in.

The excitement and energy were contagious. The fan loyalty was absolutely tangible. Highly recommended!

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