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Transformation GEMS Announces the Annual 2022 Women’s Conference

This initiative for women's empowerment and education continues across social media

Women-focused 501c3 non-profit, Transformation GEMS, set to hold the 2022 edition of its annual Women’s with the theme 'Emerged, Renewed, & Transformed'

Transformation GEMS has remained committed to “developing and empowering women to start and accelerate businesses,” as the Michigan-based public charity recently announced plans for the third annual women’s conference. The conference host is Dr. Carmen Thomas, a wife, mother, grandmother, author, entrepreneur, and a servant leader. One of Dr. Carmen Thomas' aims is to create a platform that empowers women in the social enterprise space to grow and succeed. The conference will, by the support of her team, encourage women intergenerationally to push boundaries and break barriers in the business sector.

Transformation GEMS Women’s 3rd Annual Conference – 'Emerged, Renewed & Transformed' is scheduled for Saturday, November 12, 2022, from 8:30 am to 3:30 pm at the Radisson Hotel, Lansing, Michigan.

Those interested can attend in-person or virtually, with light breakfast and lunch for physical attendees. Vendors and sponsors can benefit from being amongst business owners and community partners to assist in promoting and sustaining generational wealth. Speakers at the event include Kimberley Reese, Dr. Renee Canady, Attorney Toni Moore, and Bernadette Johnson. Other program participants expected to share their wealth of knowledge at the event are MC Chonda Turner and Psalmist LaNette Hester.

About Transformation GEMS

Transformation GEMS (GEMS is Gifted Entrepreneurs with Millionaire Status) is a 501c3 Public Charity founded by Dr. Carmen Thomas. The non-profit focuses on the engagement, education, and empowerment for women passionate about starting a business, sustaining a business, empowering communities, and creating legacies while eliminating poverty. Transformation GEMS offers trainings/workshops, mentor/coaching, office space, opportunity for businesses to be highlighted, and additional supports to entrepreneurs ready to start and transform their business. Transformation GEMS also offers free community popups for entrepreneurs to pilot and promote their businesses. Transformation GEMS has awarded grant funding through a partnership with CASE Credit Union to women from marginalized demographics (BIPOC, veteran, and persons with disability etc.) and empower women to create systems, legacies and to become recession proof.

For further information about the conference and other initiatives from Transformation GEMS:



call 805-994-0822

This initiative for women's empowerment and education continues across social media!


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