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What To Know Before Starting an Online Fundraiser

Updated: May 26, 2023

What To Know Before Starting an Online Fundraiser

Using digital platforms to raise money is effective for many organizations. Like any fundraiser, online initiatives require background knowledge for a successful campaign. Here’s what to know before starting an online fundraiser.

It Requires a Well-Thought-Out Campaign

Soliciting donations isn’t as easy as it may seem, especially online. Creating a donation page is simple, but obtaining donors is challenging without a good campaign. You need a well-thought-out fundraiser with all the right elements.

For starters, a compelling story is something you should include in your online fundraising campaign. The story tells potential donors the reason behind your campaign.

Be sure to include lots of details, pictures, and videos. Give supporters something they can relate to and build an emotional connection with people.

You Need Marketing Strategies

Online fundraisers are unlike other efforts to raise money. Everything is digital, which can be a good and bad thing. You don’t have to rely on door-to-door solicitations or keeping up with physical money. However, you have to find ways to cut through the clutter of being online. You need effective marketing strategies to attract supporters.

Of course, sharing a link to the donation page on social media is important. But people may scroll past the post. You need a mix of online and in-person marketing to help the campaign. Frequently talk about the campaign and make several posts about it.

You Need Continuous Outreach Efforts

Think of online fundraisers as a marathon and not a race. Being diligent in the beginning but losing steam can affect your campaign. Before starting an online fundraiser, you need plans for continuous outreach. How will you connect with more people?

Maybe you’ll encourage donors to spread the word about the fundraiser, or perhaps you’ll have a long list of prospective supporters.

Advertising your campaign isn’t a “one-and-done” situation. It requires ongoing efforts that stick in people’s minds.

You Need a Campaign Manager

Many assume online fundraisers are hands-off because they don’t require in-person donations. However, all campaigns need a manager to track funds, supporters, and the effectiveness of marketing strategies. Fortunately, online donation platforms make it easy to track money and donor information. So managing the campaign isn’t difficult. But it’s essential to remain active at the back end of the campaign. You need to know everything that’s going on.

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