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Why Chris Wickman for Ingham Circuit Court Judge?

Christopher Wickman is running for election to the open seat on the Ingham County Circuit Court based on his experience, judicial philosophies, and dedication to the community.

A graduate of Michigan State University and Temple University Law School, Chris has been a practicing attorney for over ten years in the areas of criminal law, civil litigation, family law, and more. It has been his pleasure to represent hundreds of clients in Ingham County including in trials in Criminal, Civil, and Family matters. Chris knows what it takes to prepare a case and how to work with opposing parties, attorneys, and court staff. He knows the law and the Court Rules as he uses them every day. But most importantly, he knows the stakes are too high to risk getting the law wrong. And he believes that his experience gives him the best chance of getting it right.

Chris also has a longstanding dedication to the community. He served on the Ingham County court-appointed attorneys list for criminal defense, abuse and neglect, and delinquency for many years. He helped to start the Circuit Court Mental Health Specialty Court. He continues to serve on the Michigan Indigent Defense Committee/Workgroup for Ingham County. He’s also been very active in leading the State and Ingham County Bar Associations focusing his efforts on the education of attorneys and public service for those most in need. He is also a regular donor with the American Red Cross having donated over 51 gallons of blood products.

In his downtime, he enjoys watching MSU sports, loves cooking and musicals, and enjoys spending time with his wonderful partner Kristina. He hopes to earn your vote.

*Text and photo provided by Chris Wickman

**For more information:

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