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Trump Backlash Could Make 2018 a New ‘Year of Women’ at Ballot Box

President Donald Trump's victory may have galvanized conservatives and struck fear in the hearts of his political foes, but it has also inspired a whole new generation of women to seek elected office in droves.

Since his election, Emily's List, a political action committee which recruits and promotes pro-choice, Democratic women candidates, has reported that over 4,000 women across the country have sought guidance from them on running for office. For some perspective, that's quadruple the number of requests they got over the past 22 months combined, with 1,660 appeals from would-be candidates coming in since Inauguration Day.

Meanwhile, on Saturday afternoon, VoteRunLead, a 2-year-old national non-profit organization, which provides resources and guidance for women breaking into politics, will be hosting a "This is How You Run for Office" seminar online at 4 p.m. EST.

Minnesota lawmaker Ihlan Omar, the first Somali-American female legislator in U.S. and a veteran of VoteRunLead, will be among the influential figures leading the tutorial.

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