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Brown Clarke victory can bring Capitol City’s 1st African-American, female mayor

Former Olympian sets sights on leading city

Judi Brown Clarke

LANSING, Mich. – Running for victory is nothing new to Judi Brown Clarke. A former Olympian and five-time national champion, she officially announced March 2 her plans to run for Lansing mayor.

Brown Clarke, Ph.D., selected the Michigan Women’s Historical Center & Hall of Fame as the setting for her much-anticipated announcement in March. When elected, she will become the city’s first woman and first African-American to hold the position.

“Working together, we will define ourselves as a community that respects and embraces each other,” said Brown Clarke. “I am committed to developing innovative, cutting edge solutions to address our city’s challenges. My vision is for a healthy community, thriving economic development, vibrant cultural venues and, most of all, a community with grace.”

First elected to Lansing City Council in 2013, she recently completed her tenure as Council president. Brown Clarke chairs the Development and Planning Committee as well as serves on the Lansing Planning Board, Intergovernmental Relations Committee, and Ad Hoc Committee on Housing. In addition, she is chair of both the Tri-County Regional Planning Commission and Capital Area Michigan Works Board.

“I see amazing potential to take our city from good to exceptional,” she said. “Putting people first is always my objective. My commitment to Lansing is unwavering.”

Professionally, Brown Clarke is the diversity director for the National Science Foundation’s Bio-Computational Evolution in Action Consortium (BEACON) Center at Michigan State University. Her numerous athletic accomplishments are joined by a love for life-long education. She holds a doctorate degree in public policy and administration, a master’s degree in education, and a bachelor’s degree in audiology and speech science.

“I want Lansing to be respected for its level of customer service and accountability to its residents,” said Brown Clarke. “We must be inclusive and forward thinking in all of our transportation solutions, public safety investments, housing strategies, environmental initiatives and educational priorities. We will not stop until we’ve reached greatness, together.”

Judy is married to Hugh Clarke, 54A District Court judge, and is the mother of three sons, Dorian, Mychael and Antonio. She serves as a Sunday school teacher at St. Paul’s Episcopal Church of Lansing and is very active in numerous organizations.

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