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Andy Schor Brings a Record of Success and a Detailed Plan for Lansing

Andy Schor and his family have lived in Lansing for 20 years, during which he has worked in a variety of roles in state government, served on the Ingham County Commission, and as the State Representative for most of the City of Lansing.

His ability to work collaboratively with people from both parties has yielded results for Lansing families including Michigan’s Healthy Michigan Plan under Obamacare, fixing the broken suspension/expulsion system in our schools, changing mobile home laws to help protect residents, supporting legislation that helps redevelop land in our cities including selling the old Farnum Building downtown. His successes in a challenging, often divisive environment led to his naming as one of the most effective legislators in the House recently.

Now, Andy is running to become the next Mayor of Lansing. His collaborative leadership style will end the factions on City Council and repair Mayor-Council relations. Andy is focused on working with elected officials in and around Lansing to get things done for our community. He worked with neighborhood, business, labor, education, and other community leaders to create a detailed plan for Lansing that you can read at The plan includes: fixing roads, sidewalks, and infrastructure; building strong neighborhoods with great parks and active business corridors; and economic growth and job creation through small business assistance. Drawing from his own children’s experience in the Lansing School District, Andy is ready to showcase the many ways children can excel in Lansing’s schools. Andy Schor has earned a number of important endorsements, including all unions, the Lansing Regional Chamber of Commerce, the entire Ingham County Commission, several neighborhood presidents, county-wide officials, and school board members. Schor’s growing list of endorsements is available on his website. Andy was proud to gain 68% of the vote in the primary and continues to talk to Lansing residents about his vision for Lansing.

Andy asks for your vote on November 7th. He’s excited for you to join him to lead change for Lansing’s future!

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