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James M. McClurken, PhD A Vision and a Plan for Lansing

4th Ward City Council Candidate James McClurkin prides himself on running a campaign based on transparency, accountability and the reforming of City Government. After one has the opportunity to connect with James it is difficult to deny that he has dedicated his life to fighting on behalf of those who are underserved and are victims to injustice. James has resided in Lansing since 1980 and plans to bring the interests of the residents of the 4th Ward to the forefront of City Government. He desires to bring the concerns of the people from the back burner to the front by staying engaged with the community and truly hearing and embracing their concerns. He is hoping by standing up for the interests of the people he can assist in chipping away at a system of a top-down, bully form of Government.

McClurken is the founder and President of McClurken Research. Dr. McClurken has studied the history and culture of Great Lakes indigenous communities professionally since 1977. He received his Bachelor of Science degree from William James College at Grand Valley State University in 1978 and went on to study for a Master of Arts degree at Michigan State University. Dr. McClurken completed his Ph.D. in anthropology at MSU with specialties in history and culture of North America in 1988.

Dr. McClurken created his first ethno historical research company in 1988 and incorporated in 1998. For 30 years, James has researched historical and anthropological issues raised by North American Tribes, for North American tribes. James also manages Cambridge Research Consultants. His firm has worked with many Native American tribes in Michigan and around the country on treaty rights issues.

If asked about his passion James will let you know serving is his life. He spends a great amount of his time with community endeavors such as volunteering at his church First Presbyterian, assisting with the Northwest Initiative and fighting against racial profiling in the community. James is hoping to add serving as the City of Lansing 4th Ward City Councilman to his wide array of service to the community.

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