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Schor’s Neighborhood and Commercial Grocery Bill Passes Senate Committee Program assists talent att

Lansing Mayor Elect Andy Schor

LANSING — The Michigan Senate Committee on Economic Development and International Investment unanimously passed state Rep. Andy Schor’s (D-Lansing) House Bill 4207 today and sent it to the full Senate for consideration. The bill would use existing money to facilitate the development and expansion of grocery stores in areas that need increased placemaking and walkability, and are underserved.

“People want grocery stores near where they live, and this legislation will ensure that neighborhoods and commercial corridors can have these grocery stores,” said Schor. “The ability to make a quick stop on the way home from work, or to walk to a nearby store, attracts and retains residents both in traditional neighborhoods as well as downtowns.”

HB 4207 would use existing money in the Michigan Economic Development Corp.’s Community Revitalization Program and reserve it for use in grocery store projects. These projects could include new stores in commercial areas where there are no other grocery stores within one mile. Existing stores could also use the money to expand or upgrade facilities to help them stay viable or improve customer experience.

“Lansing could use a grocery store downtown to take economic development and mixed-use growth to the next stage. But Lansing is not unique, and I have heard of the need from communities throughout the state,” said Schor. “I am proud of the broad bipartisan support in the House and in the Senate committee, and hope to see this bill become law before the end of the year so that communities can start to use it.”

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