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The Art of Nolo's Soul

Nadia Mathis is a true Michigander born and raised in Lansing. She is an only child who holds family dear to heart. Nadia has two beautiful children to which she plans to leave a legacy. Her duty in life has been to turn frowns upside down. A big step in reaching her full potential was at age six when she paid close attention to her mother in the kitchen. Nadia comes from a family of cooks from which stems her passion for cooking. Nadia has a career in special education, as well as a master’s degree in the art of teaching. All the while pursuing her passion in cooking on the “Soul Train”.

The “Soul Train” is what Nadia calls her Recreational vehicle (R.V.) Nadia purchased, gutted and remodeled the R.V. within three months. After she fulfilled her mission inside of the Soul Train she felt the need to make sure everyone felt artistic and soulful after their patronage. The first thing that came to mind was graffiti design, because it comes from expression. Nadia turned the R.V. into a soul food station called Nolo’s Soul! Nadia displayed her empowerment by having the Soul Train licensed and up and running within one year! While cooking on the soul train she enjoys listening to Neo Soul, Prince, Michael Jackson, Chaka Khan, Al B sure, and Loose Ends to name a few. From time to time she lets her students as well as her children help her out on the Soul Train. She enjoys being stationed at the corner of MLK and Holmes Road in Lansing, and Madison Ave which in Grand Rapids. Nadia plans to hold on to Nolo’s Soul in the hopes of one day turning it into a jazz spot similar to floods in Detroit MI. It’s safe to say that Nadia has found her way pursuing her passion by turning negative energy into a positive by pleasing people through their love of food. Long Live Nolo’s Soul!

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