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How I Came To be me!

I was Scurrying about heaven, forming unique lyrics and chords to share

with the angelic choir, when God summoned me saying,

"DeVinytee you are perfect for this one job, I've loaned you out for hire!"

I really didn't want to come down here at a time like this, but had to obey His will,

For He already knew how well I'd fit.

I had a trial period in which to see what earthly soul I should select and choose,

I needed a good person of character whose incubator for nine months I might use.

So, from my lofty place on high, I watched this beautiful soul for a while, until she appeared open and ready to accept and carry the gift of a blessed child.

Mary, could not have been a sweeter, gentler, kinder or more caring soul,

Into which to interweave new life where mere godliness could eventually unfold.

Yes, God was quite pleased with the mild soul within whom I'd chosen to dwell,

Though He cautioned me sternly, where I'd now journey could become a living hell.

I'd need to be vigilant, praying to Him daily for just peace of mind, for my journey on earth

would be an uphill battle of an enormous and treacherous kind.

I'd struggle through poverty, hatred, prejudice and evil looks that could kill, but I was

to carry His torch of love, freedom and justice; keep moving on the right path

and never ever be still.

Now, on this earthly journey, I continue to agitate, to push, to pull, to craft a good fight,

For His plan is to elevate His people of color, return us to the halls of freedom,

justice and right.

Admittedly, my journey has been long, mostly clawing and crawling up hill,

Though occasionally I see the vision and victory of His planned will.

So I will be intentional in the things I do for Him. With no fuss nor muss,

As my purpose is His...not my own inferior whim.

I'll work hard to be humble, not shallow nor overly loud…

Not boastful, not bigmouthed, not mightier than thou nor not even too proud.

But just continue as His simple earthly vessel He's allowed me to be,

Spewing love and kindness to others as He's seen fit to filled within me.

And before I return to Him and again look up on His blessed face,

I'll fight for right and see my people no longer... the displaced lesser race.

But! See us as He planned us to be before the beginning of time,

A special race of people – Strong, Unique, Gifted, Black and Divine!

I tell you true, this is the real reason and mission of How I came to be!

Purposely, embroidered into an angelic, sweet, yet outspoken vessel....

Dwelling in the blessed person of me! .......Dee, short for DeVinytee! !

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