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The Firecracker Foundation-A place where recovery thrives!

Tashmica Torok founder of the Firecracker Foundation

Courtesy Photo-Tashmica Torok founder of the Firecracker Foundation

Our children are our future. It's up to us as parents and adults to protect them. As much as we'd like to protect our children we can't be with them every second of everyday. This is stressful because children are most vulnerable to child sexual abuse between the ages of seven and thirteen. Approximately three out of four adolescents who have been sexually victimized have been victimized by someone that they know well.

When these heinous types of events happen, most parents don't know what to do. The society that we live in isn't as helpful as it should be in nurturing our children after a traumatic event such as child sexual abuse. Well thank the higher power because Tashmica Torok the founder and executive director of the Firecracker Foundation realized just that.

Four and a half years ago Tashmica started the non-profit Firecracker Foundation to help children that have been sexually victimized. This foundation honors the bravery of children who have survived sexual trauma. She worked out of her house for a short time, but because she has made such a big difference in our community she has been blessed to relocate to a more professional environment where she can provide children and teens who have survived sexual trauma with holistic therapeutic services that include trauma sensitive yoga, individual mental health therapy as well as caretaker support groups for their parents and guardians. They have six rooms in their facility that are extremely serene, Rising Phoenix Yoga Studio for teens, Little Sparks Yoga Studio for the younger children, Teen therapy room, Play Therapy room, Self-care Suite as well as a Room to Grow room.

The Firecracker Foundation also provides a pediatric medical advocacy service to children and their families during specialized medical care and forensic examination examinations after experiencing sexual trauma. They have a pediatric medical advocacy team listens and empathizes. This is done to ensure that the survivors get as most help as possible. Most importantly these services are free of charge you don't have to have medical insurance or worry about co-pays.

The Firecracker Foundation's main concern is the recovery of children that have survived sexual abuse. No one will be turned away because of the inability to pay for healing. This is a non-profit organization that cannot be ran off of hope so tax deductible donations are greatly appreciated. Please feel free to make a donation at If you know someone that can benefit from this organization please feel free to give them a call at (517)742-7224 or email The Firecracker Foundation-a place where recovery thrives.

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