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Mayor Schor Establishes Diversity Advisory Council

Courtesy Photo-Mayor Andy Schor

(LANSING) – Mayor Andy Schor has issued his second Executive Order to establish and create the Mayor’s Diversity Advisory Council that will provide expertise, resources and support in citywide diversity acceptance, respect and celebration. As the Mayor of Lansing, Mayor Schor is charged by the City Charter with the responsibility “for reducing any unlawful discrimination and increasing mutual understanding among residents of the community” (Charter Section 4-102.9). The Lansing City Council has had an operational ad hoc committee on diversity meeting, and earlier this year called for the creation of a diversity council. During the annual Martin Luther King, Jr. Holiday celebration, then again at the State of the City, Mayor Schor indicated he would create this council. “Diversity is an integral part of what makes Lansing such a great city. Lansing residents are respectful of their neighbors, regardless of what they look like and their differing thoughts. This Diversity Council will be tasked to create and implement ways to work on the issues that divide us, as well as celebrate the great diversity we display every day here in Lansing.” Mayor Schor will appoint the members to the Diversity Advisory Council but will provide the names to the Lansing City Council for feedback and comments. This council will support city government in fulfilling this responsibility of advancing the values of inclusion, respect, enfranchisement and mutual respect of all of Lansing’s citizens. Diversity Advisory Council members are Mayoral appointees. Applications to this board can be found online, along with all other city boards and commissions applications, at Applicants are asked to apply by April, 9th, 2018 so initial appointments can be made.

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