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Mayor Andy Schor Presents First Executive Budget Recommendation to City Council-Proposed FY 2019 Bud

Courtesy Photo - Mayor Andy Schor

(LANSING) – Today Mayor Andy Schor unveiled his first executive budget for the city’s next fiscal year that includes strategic investment in strengthening neighborhoods and corridors, improving streets and sidewalks and more efficient city staffing among other vital areas. “While this budget is largely a continuation budget from prior years due to having just taken office, we were able to focus dollars in a way that reflects my vision and the feedback I received during my campaign, transition and my first few months as Mayor,” explained Schor. The proposed budget highlights a strong commitment to infrastructure, including a plan for both road and sidewalk maintenance and repair. This includes from the General Fund: • $400,000 to be used for road repair, which is the first time in four years that the City of Lansing will allocate General Fund dollars for road repair. • $300,000 for sidewalks, which doubles the previous amount. Schor said, “This year, we will allocate significant general fund dollars to fix our roads and sidewalks. The most common discussion I had with residents throughout the last year is the condition of the roads. Lansing must prioritize the limited funding we receive from the state and federal government to have the greatest impact for our residents and visitors.” Mayor Schor’s first Executive Order as Mayor created the new Neighborhood and Citizen Engagement Department. The budget continues to highlight Schor’s vision to strengthen neighborhoods by: • Increasing available grant funding for neighborhoods • Including additional Code Compliance staffing so that each ward has a dedicated code compliance premise officer • Providing greater incentives for City of Lansing employees to live within the city • Changing contract employees to city employee positions in the Office of Financial Empowerment and Lansing Public Media Center • Adding staff to the Treasurer’s office to ensure greater tax collection that goes towards vital city services [2] [more] • Adding a full-time, city-employed social worker to assist in police and other response calls when dealing with individuals with mental health and other problems • Spending $150,000 for façade improvement in neighborhood commercial corridors Schor commented, “We all treasure our neighborhoods and where we live. This budget will help to strengthen our neighborhoods and their surrounding commercial corridors.” As announced during his State of the City, Mayor Schor has rebooted the Financial Health Team (FHT) under the continued leadership of former Mayor David Hollister to address legacy costs facing the city. The proposed budget contains $45 million for pension and retiree healthcare costs and an additional $2.3 million for retiree healthcare prefunding. Mayor Schor’s Fiscal Year (FY) 2019 Executive Budget Recommendation outlines an overall citywide budget of $218.6 million, 4.9% more than FY 2018 adopted budget. That amount includes a $134.3 million general fund budget, a 4.6% increase from FY 2018 adopted budget, that falls within the city’s target range. Mayor Schor formally submitted his FY 2018 budget recommendation to the Lansing City Council at their regular meeting earlier evening. Mayor Schor noted that he is looking forward to working with City Council on their evaluation of his proposals. According to the City Charter, the Council has until May 21st to adopt a final city budget plan for the next fiscal year.

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